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Hot Lifehack For Woman's Bright Orgasms

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Make a woman moan with pleasure

Let's continue learning about the little-known techniques that influence female arousal and orgasm. 

Here’s a new tip for you called "Mini Amplitude".

The concept is that during penetration, the man moves within a small range, with slight variations – it’s like grinding back and forth in a limited space.

The movement covers about 2-3 centimeters, at a slow pace. In simpler terms, you’re using a very small range of motion. This approach is great because it stimulates the G-spot, the K-spot, and the clitoral head.

Whatever position you two choose, the amplitude of movement has to be small. For instance, in the Cowgirl pose, you can use both techniques – circular movements and small amplitude. That’s the only way both the erogenous zones and the clit head are stimulated.

Most people are used to the fact that in the “Cowgirl”, a woman is sitting on top of a man, jerking around or even hopping up and down. That’s what you see in erotic films, after all. However, there’s no stimulation of the necessary zones in this case, and the woman gets nothing out of it.

What we recommend in this case is this “Mini amplitude” lifehack. By the way, one additional perk of this technique is that it doesn’t involve hands. The spots here are stimulated naturally. The man rubs his pubic bone against the clit, whilst his penis is hitting all the right spots.

One more tip. Agree that the woman will coordinate the actions of you two, because she’s the only one who understands what amplitude is more comfortable for her. To accomplish that, she’s holding the man by the buttocks and directs circular movements the way she likes.

If all the conditions are met, the woman is really happy.

And one more practical tip:

Watch your woman and try to guess the moment when she’s reached the pre-orgasm platform. As soon as you learn to recognize this, you’ll know that from that moment onwards, it’s important for you not to change anything. Rather, you should keep doing what you’re doing, so that your woman isn’t swerved off the orgasm track.


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